Hello and welcome to our website

We are a small family business based in Buckinghamshire. We are your average neurodiverse family with a mixture of Autism, PDA and sensory processing difficulties. From my eldest to my youngest I have seen how important sensory and fidget aids can be for all ages and needs. This is why I launched FidgetyFingerz, a one stop shop for all your sensory and fidget toy needs.

We are here to offer affordable and quality sensory and fidget toys as we know how important these can be to everyone. If you have any questions or if I can help in any way please do send me a message.

Here at Fidgety Fingerz we have : Kelly (owner and mum to 3 boys), Harry is my 7 year old son who has Autism and PDA. He is the chief product tester at Fidgety Fingerz. If it passes Harry’s testing its good to sell 🙂 Harry takes his role seriously and loves playing a part in the business. Matthew who is also 7 and Harry’s twin brother, Matthew is awaiting diagnosis and his job is to help me choose stock.